Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic
The events of the last few months have significantly changed the world that we live in. We would like to assure our guests that we are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus. * Our small establishment is a self-contained space for each guest party, so there is no risk of interaction with others while staying with us and no communal areas to share. * We have undertaken a robust risk assessment and introduced an enhanced cleaning & disinfection regime. In addition, we now leave at least 24 hours between guest check-out and the next guest check-in, to ensure we have sufficient time to fully clean & disinfect the property. * We have installed hand sanitising facilities in the lobby, so you can clean your hands on initial entry and after returning to the B&B from any subsequent outing. * We have introduced a minimum 3 day stay – to prevent the rapid turnover of guests. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is not logistically and economically viable for us to accommodate bookings at shorter intervals. * Access to the property is now via keys located in a locked key box by the front door, so there is no need for face-to-face interaction at check-in (or check-out). While this may be a less personal service, it does mean that you have flexibility to turn up any time after 3pm on your date of arrival without prior arrangement. * We have removed all unnecessary items from the B&B to minimise the risk of infection retention and transmission. * We no longer provide a cooked breakfast service, as this entails unnecessary face-to-face interaction and means we cannot keep the B&B rooms separate from the private rooms attached. However, a simple breakfast of cereals, toast (and accompaniments) and tea/coffee, etc. will be available on a self-serve basis. Please also note, there are a number of cafes and other establishments opening up again in Amble, where you are able to order a cooked breakfast should you wish. This has the added benefit of supporting local businesses, many of whom have been badly affected by the pandemic. * We have updated our Terms & Conditions (including our Cancellation Policy) and Access Statement to reflect these necessary changes. We advise you to review these documents before booking, so you have all the information and can make an informed decision. We are committed to providing you with a safe, comfortable home-from-home for your visit to Northumberland and we are sure that you will enjoy your holiday in this most beautiful of counties. We look forward to welcoming you (back)! If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us: Tel: 01665 479644 Email: edwinhavenbandb@yahoo.com